I was born and raised in Athens.

My love for photography began at the age of 12, when I bought my first camera. At the same time I became keen on filmmaking, since I felt like I could see all the images in motion through the camera lens. So, at 14, I wrote my first script, I found the actors and I looked forward to holding my first movie camera. This dream was brought to fruition during my studies on photography and cinema.

Since then, throughout my 20-year-long career, I always try to set high standards of filmmaking, to satisfy the wishes and needs of my clients. For me, every wedding, christening or pre-wedding is a new challenging opportunity for creativity. And since creativity knows no boundaries, I am available all over Greece, Cyprus and abroad.

My colleagues share the same approach on photography and filmmaking as mine. They are all trained and experienced photographers-cinematographers, who always give their best.

This means that we are a team, with great passion and love for photography, working harmonically, thus being able to provide you with high quality services for every occasion.

I and my colleagues are glad to give you more information about our work.

Costas Kalogiannis